What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

facebook discussion

City of Sanctuary is going through a period of rapid growth and change and with more groups springing up by the day the web support, advice and resources administered by the national organisation are more important than ever before. A social network like facebook should be an ideal space for City of Sanctuary groups around the country to discuss issues of Nationl importance, but it is not being used in such a way at present. It would be great to know whether facebook is a useful place for interaction on issues facing City of Sanctuary and if not, where is? Please send your ideas to, or post them on the facebook page facebook page
At present there is a discussion topic on the name City of Sanctuary and whether we should aquire legal ownership of it, such as copyright, service mark or intellectual property rights… If we do not, someone else could get the rights and stop us from using it… Someone may decide to use it for another purpose – how about a City of Sanctuary which is a haven for white supremesists and seeks to keep all non-whites out? What problems may new and developing groups around the country experience if the name and logo were legally branded – would there be a danger of groups being prevented from using the logo until they had met enough of the criteria outlined in the handbook? It would be great to have some feedback from the many groups and supporters around the country on this and other issues of national importance. Please go to the facebook page at facebook discussion
If your not a fan of facebook, please email to

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