Action Ideas

Some of the activities that City of Sanctuary groups have planned or carried out so far include:

  • Workshops for schools on sanctuary issues.
  • Ceilidh dances, ‘Life Swaps’, and other social events where people seeking sanctuary and local people can meet and interact.
  • Speakers’ events for local people to hear from those seeking sanctuary directly about their experiences.
  • Concerts and drama productions by refugee artists.
  • Producing signs for display by supporting organisations to welcome people seeking sanctuary.
  • Interfaith events promoting sanctuary and hospitality.
  • Community conflict resolution training for areas experiencing tension over new arrivals.
  • Work with local media to publicise positive stories of people seeking sanctuary.
  • Involvement of people seeking sanctuary in media production.
  • Civic receptions for new arrivals in the city.
  • Refugee community involvement in festivals and cultural events.
  • Voluntary work placements for refugees and those seeking sanctuary.
  • Public signing of resolutions of support by local organisation representatives.
  • Inclusion of City of Sanctuary goals in Local Strategic Partnership strategies.