Television gets it right..

Channel 4 Dispatches programme painted a disturbing portrait last night (Nov 29) of the way Britain treats the youngest and most vulnerable people who come here seeking asylum. The hour-long programme focused on three cases, a 10-year-old Iranian boy (pictured), a 16-year-old Afghan and a 22-year-old Ugandan woman, showing how they have been brutalised by the UK asylum system.

In one clip, the young Iranian boy tells how he and his family were taken away in a Border Agency van, caged like animals. His headmistress says when he was released from detention he was so traumatised he could no longer write his own name. At one point the family return from hiding to find UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials have been to their home and wripped open the boy’s teddy in their search for identity documents in preparation for deporting them.

The examples present a graphic illustration of the culture of disbelief at UKBA and an asylum system that in some cases causes them profound psychological and physical harm.
You can see more details and watch the prpogramme again here.